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We are reshaping spaces with a powerful vision. As one of India’s largest investors in real estate, we own and operate iconic assets in the country’s most dynamic markets.

RMZ Living

Few homes evoke the senses the way RMZ Living homes do. A set of select destinations, RMZ Living is a high-net-worth network of world-class luxury residences.

Our properties cater to needs, wants, and dreams. Perched at prominent locations, each home exudes excellence, innovation, and sustainability. RMZ Living champions international collaborations to elevate quality, technological innovation to secure safety, and a wellness-first approach to create vibrant, culturally rich neighbourhoods. Discover a new way to live with RMZ Living.


With RMZ NXT, we are pioneering the future of Industrial and Logistics with a mission to redefine industry standards. We create spaces that become the backbone of a rapidly progressing economy, efficiently connecting industry to community. RMZ NXT is set to grow its footprint with plans to develop assets in six key locations across India. This expansion will culminate in an impressive footprint of 60 million square feet within the next 5 years, marking a significant stride towards our vision for growth and innovation.

RMZ Hospitality

Rooted in the essence of who we are - stewards of the future of space, RMZ Hospitality is a journey to bring you home. For every wilful, wishful and discerning traveller, RMZ Hospitality provides a range of spaces that offer more than just accommodation. Inside and outside, are opportunities to engage with places, people and stories. RMZ Hospitality spaces are located in key business districts and bespoke locations, exalted with immersive experiences steeped in sustainability and community engagement. Our member clubs create access, offer tailored services, strategic partnerships, and ultimately create unforgettable destinations.

RMZ Mixed Use

Explore RMZ Mixed Use, where cutting-edge smart buildings and curated social experiences converge in a sustainable haven. Elevate your lifestyle with seamless access to daily essentials, from dining, wellness, office spaces, retail therapy, to hospitality—all within an eco-conscious environment. Our commitment is to cultivate self-sufficient ecosystems in forward-looking, sustainable developments. Our mixed-use city center projects boast controlled environments, featuring contactless entry, private security, advanced ventilation, and secure parking. Experience the future of real estate development with RMZ, where innovation meets investment and asset management excellence in harmony with sustainability.

RMZ Office

As the future of space, our visionary approach to building lasting, experiential workspaces has established us as industry legends. Our approach elevates traditional paradigms, delivering cutting-edge office ecosystems that meet and exceed the demands of dynamic cities. Built on a 20+ year legacy, RMZ Office provides premium urban workspaces with innovative designs that channel individual potential while fostering community spirit.


As one of India's largest investors in real estate, we own and operate iconic properties in the country's most dynamic markets. Our portfolio includes offices and triple net lease assets in six cities.

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