Project Overview

The Future of Business Parks.
Extending from the firm belief that a workspace should be about more than just deadlines and the mundane nine-tofive, The Skyview is the result of a collaboration between RMZ Corp and My Home Group, bringing decades of experience and unmatched expertise together, to give rise to a futuristic workspace that inspires, engages and facilitates creativity and productivity.

Key Highlights

With the philosophy of sustainable development at its heart, the vision for The Skyview Hyderabad is brought to life through a plethora of innovative green features integrated into every aspect of the project.

Paving the way towards the future of business parks, The Skyview is brought to life through cutting-edge design that incorporates wide open spaces, acting as a catalyst for freedom of thought and human interaction to give rise to a natural work environment, complemented with abundant greenery, natural light and optimized air circulation.